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IDS-5000 Integrated Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

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While perimeter detection systems have played a critical role in securing airports, high-risk facilities and other critical infrastructures for decades, today’s counterterrorism needs make such systems indispensable.  The ideal perimeter security system is fully integrated, combining new or existing fencing, CCTV, and sensors to create an impenetrable perimeter intrusion detection system.

IDSST is an Israel-based market leader in the field of perimeter defense systems.  Their products have been used in installations across the United States and Israel, including Israeli military facilities and border control.

The IDS-5000 is a highly reliable intrusion detection system that combines the company’s patented taut-wire technology with vibration sensors to create an integrated system with one of the industry’s lowest false/nuisance alarm rates.  Sensors are mounted on the fence and connected to the VSSU (Vibration System Sensor Unit), which takes signals and communicates the data to the Computerized Control Center for analysis.  The IDS-500 is designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, as well as EMI/RFI interference and lightening.

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