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Analysis of an Emergency Public Evacuation Real Case

Analysis of two real emergency cases in which the speaker was responsible for the security. Duration: 1.00 h
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Behavior and Decision Making in Dangerous Situations

Analysis of the typical processes of human behavior in situations of danger, threat and pressure. Duration: 1.30 h
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Body Language at the Service of Security

Introduction to nonverbal communication as an effective tool in the service of security. Duration: 1.57 h
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Concept of Routine, Alert and Emergency in a Security System

Analysis of the concepts of routine, alert and emergency applied to VIP protection. Duration: 1.05 h
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Crisis Negotiation: Basic Principles

Introduction to the basic principles of negotiation in cases of extortion. Duration: 46 min
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DVD Free of Charge / Gratis

PREMIUM you can get Free of Charge the Online course you purchased - also in DVD. PREMIO Puede recibir Gratis el curso Online que adquirio - tambien en DVD.
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Leadership, Command and Control in Times of Uncertainty

Behavior analysis and response that the command of security must have in times of uncertainty. Duration: 1.17 h
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Principles of Fraud

Introduction to the different types of fraud within the organization, its scope and internal control measures. Duration: 54 min
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Security Management Course

Security Management Course based on the multidisciplinary Seminar for public security managers and directors of private security that takes place once a year in Israel. Consists of thirteen lectures.
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