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WaySearch 1F Wavertree Boulevard South, Wavertree Technology Park
L7 9PF Liverpool, Merseyside United Kingdom
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Human Recognition Systems is the leading multi - biometric integration and distribution company in the United Kingdom. Specialising in the application and provision of biometric technology including hand geometry, facial, fingerprint and iris recognition, HRS offers a full range of solutions to automatically identify or authenticate the identity of an individual.

Our in-house development team in conjunction with our field engineers provide us with the flexibility and experience to respond to all variety of requirements, including access control, password management, time & attendance and e-Signature solutions, as well as bespoke software developments.

Core Solutions:

  • Biometric access control / security
  • Biometric Time & Attendance
  • Network security and password management
  • Biometric consultancy and bespoke biometric development

Distributed & Implemented Products:

  • Panasonic - Iris Recognition
  • Recognition Systems - Hand Geometry & Fingerprint Recognition
  • Bioscrypt - Fingerprint Recognition
  • HID - iClass template on card technologies
  • A4 Vision – Facial Recognition
  • Neven Vision – Facial Recognition
  • Protocom – Password management technologies

Biometrics, hand, hand recognition, hand geometry recognition, iris, iris recognition, fingerprint, fingerprint recognition, finger print recognition, retina, face, face recognition, facial, BM-ET300, Handkey, HandPunch, palm.


Human Recognition Systems es la compañía líder en Reino Unido en integración y distribución multibiométrica. Especializada en la aplicación y provisión de tecnología biométrica, incluyendo geometría d ela mano, facial, huella dactilar y reconocimiento del iris, HRS ofrece una completa gama de soluciones para la identificación automática y la autentificación de la identidad de un individuo.

Nuestros equipos de desarrollo e ingeniería de campo nos permiten dar una respuesta flexible y experimentada a las necesidades de nuestros clientes en lo referente a control de accesos, gestión de contraseñas, firma digital, etc., así como desarrollos de software hechos a medida del cliente.

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