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Physical Security Management


The primary task of the director of security is the safety management of the organization.

In order to develop a security plan that responds to the security needs of the organization, it is necessary to know the purpose of the security plan and what are the threats and risks that need to be addressed. Protection recommendations should be prioritized according to the budget, threats, and available human resources, so as to get the best possible answer under the existing conditions.

The security plan must take into account the different circles of protection and find the optimum balance of security controls in each one of them. It must be practical, professional and simple to implement, both in routine and emergency. To be effective, the plan and security procedures must be continually reviewed and updated.

The lectures that comprise this module are the following:

* Introduction to Physical Security
* Introduction to Threat and Risk Analysis
* Physical Security: Protection Elements
* Security Planning
* Transforming Terrorism: Changing with the Treat
* Crisis Negotiation: Basic Principles

The students who successfully complete the overview of the course exercise will receive an accredited certificate of Psosonline.


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Physical Security Management